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  • Richard A. Fancher d/b/a Fancher Financial Services
  • 7500 College Blvd Suite 800 P.O.Box 25414
  • Overland Park, KS 66210
  • Map and Directions
  • Phone: USA 913-661-7241 or 913-661-7247
  • Fax: 913-661-7298
  • www.fancherfinancialservices.com


Located in lovely Overland Park, Kansas, in Johnson County.

Note Highway 435 circles the metropolitan Kansas City area on into Kansas. In the horizon as you near Metcalf Exit South, you will see our building (photo on the left) -- it features pink colored glass and a green gothic copper roof.

Your stop will be 435 exiting Metcalf, or 69 south, which will be in the Overland Park, Kansas area. Proceed south to College Blvd, then 1.5 blocks west of Metcalf, right (heading North), within the second block of parking area of the Lighton Plaza, where you will see one of the tallest buildings in shaded glass in the Overland Park area. The tallest building sits in between two smaller like colored buildings. You are now at 7500 College Blvd. The doors facing west is the ideal entrance. My associates and staff will look forward to seeing you on the eighth floor, Suite # 800. We will value your time, and treat you with the respect you deserve. Thanks in advance!